English Comedy Showcase #1_2024 - 01

English Comedy Showcase #1_2024

29.02.2024 | 20:30 - 22:00

The next edition of the English Comedy is coming up! Our host Tim Whelan has brought wonderful guests to Chemnitz who will make this evening indescribable. This time it's Drew and Gina who are performing. But read for yourself:

Drew moved to Berlin over 20 years ago and still isn’t sure he wants to stay. He uses his dry wit to recount his love affair with Germany’s capital and the scars (and children) it’s left him. He is a regular on the German comedy scene and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle.
website: https://berlinerisch.com
Instagram: @drewportnoyhaha

Gino is a German-Brazilian comedian and lovable fool. After starting out with comedy in NYC, Gino moved back to Berlin and became a showrunner and booker at Ma’s Comedy Club. He regularly performs around Europe and has participated at the Comedy Central Roast Battles, the American Stand Up Tour in Switzerland, Nightwash, and the Hamburg International Comedy Festival seven times.

Aside from performing, Gino is also a TV writer and has written for channels such as Comedy Central, ZDF, SWR, Paramount+, Amazon, and more!

Originally from Liverpool, England, Tim moved to Berlin in 2010 and by complete accident co-founded the English comedy scene, a move which has made other people an awful lot of money! Keen observations, kindly German-jostling, bad puns and nerdish monologues rub shoulders in his comedy. Tim has hosted hundreds of shows in Berlin and beyond, from Lebanon, to Helsinki and the Edinburgh festival. He has been our charming host in Chemnitz since 2014.